Following my passion for gardening, writing, and making a difference through sharing ideas, here are a few of my published articles for you to read.

A Tuscan Retreat

Out Door Luxury for entertaining, relaxing and living.

The Mt. Lebanon homeowners admired a stricking scene depicted on a thank you card they received. The photographer of a flowing fountain in a courtyard with a panoramic view framed between stone arches, was enchanting. They momentairly wondered-just where was that beautiful place? The realization.. Read More

Green In The Garden

Eco-friendly tips and ideas for your landscape

Your garden may look green, but it can be harmful to the environment. And gardeners, along with the products they use, can be some of the biggest offenders. Minimize the negative impact your spot of Eden has on the world by employing sustainable gardening methods.. Read More

Growing Cheer

Indoor plants erase the winter blues

There’s no better way to brighten your home in winter—along with your mood—than with plants. In addition to bringing color and living energy to your home, they bring real health benefits. Studies have shown that indoor plants improve air quality by.. Read More

Rain, Rain, Go Away?

Now you can harvest it for another day

Nature doesn’t create new water. It constantly recycles the same water that has existed on the planet since the beginning of time. Today though, this water cycle from stream, to cloud, to rain falling on the earth and replenishing our ground water supply, has been disrupted by.. Read More

Moss Matters

A rolling stone gathers no moss, but a wise gardener certainly grows it

MOSS IN THE GARDEN, with its vibrant green palette, is an aesthetic to be appreciated. Its serene beauty seduces—calming and restful to the eye, it is lush and invites touch. Covering the ground with softness, and.. Read More

Garden Variety

The time is ripe for edible landscaping

If recent headlines have you pondering the idea of growing food but you don’t think you have room for a garden—think differently! Integrating edible plants into your existing landscape is easy. Read More

Gold in the Garden

Bright, sunshiny shrubs add season-long color to your landscape

Sunshine is a chancy thing where I live. In fact, Pittsburgh ranks in the top twenty for lowest average annual sunshine. Having been born here, I’ve grown accustomed to gray skies, but this spring in particular has been interminably dark, gray and cold. Read More